Art Basel Cities - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image courtesy Art Basel.

Image courtesy Art Basel.


Critique surrounds contemporary art fairs. The standard art fair circuit is repetitive and often dizzying. Superfluous pricing... one becomes de-sensitized. When Art Basel, the titan producer of eponymous art fairs, announced an experimental partnership with global cities to "raise the city's art profile on the global art-world stage," as they described, I was immediately hooked.


One of these salons was co-hosted by Azu Nwagbogu, director of LagosPhoto and African Artists' Foundation. Titled, "New World Utopias: What are our greatest dreams for art in the Global South" our coterie discussed 

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These discussions, happening on a public scale, are lost in the commercialized cacophony of mammoth art fairs. 

'Cities' also spilled to the streets, with many local galleries taking advantage of the Art Basel presence in Buenos Aires.

Art Basel Cities was decidedly humble. 

Unlike Art Basel's annual bacchanal in Miami Beach - the decidedly OTT art bacchanal, the glamour of Cities was restrained only to the setting - an impeccably designed Beaux-Arts mansion.  

Contemporary art is about indulgence. Art Basel Cities fit the bill, with the right amount of restraint.

Image courtesy Art Basel.

Image courtesy Art Basel.

Photography by Nadia Sesay unless noted.