BLANC Modern Africa is a travel and contemporary art platform inspired exclusively by Africa and its diaspora. 

From Milan to Marrakech; Chicago to Cape Town, BLANC Modern Africa follows the travels of its founder Nadia Sesay to exhibitions, fairs and other events in contemporary art around the world - all chronicled in the Travel Journal.

Reflecting her deep appreciation for architecture and design, and the overlap of these disciplines with art, BLANC Modern Africa also offers BLANC Space, an extension of the Travel Journal, that is visually-driven and devoted to the hotels and interior spaces that enrich her art experience on journeys abroad.

Whereas BLANC Space is a personal view of design spaces, City Guides is a comprehensive insight into the world’s top cities for contemporary art, delivered by the resident artists and curators who make those cities prime destinations on the global art scene.

Derived from the French word for white, BLANC Modern Africa references the historical linkage of 'white' to peoples of the African continent and its diaspora, and also, the description of the art gallery as the 'white cube'.

To highlight the white cube’s continuing evolution into a more diversified setting, BLANC Modern Africa provides an Art Guide to contemporary art spaces worldwide, in particular those which champion artists from Africa and its diaspora - the very mission of BLANC Modern Africa itself.


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